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Volunteer Opportunities 

Volunteer Your Time!

We are always looking to add more happy faces to our team! If you enjoy helping in the community, working with youth, empowering women and families Red Sea Project may be a good match for you. We enjoy working with new and innovative people to help us do what we do best, #Reach and #Teach!

Current Available Volunteer Opportunities

This is a list of our current available volunteer opportunities here at Red Sea Project!

Social Media Assistant

Help us keep our audience up to date on all the latest news about Red Sea Project across all our platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn). We have a posting schedule available for guidance!

Content Creator

Help us create content for our YouTube channel (YouTube videos and YouTube shorts).

Website Updates

Help us keep our website up to date so that our audience has access to all the appropriate information, and current resources and services.


Help create and upload our content to our newest feature, our BLOG!!! This allows our audience to follow along with what Red Sea Project is up to, has done, accomplishments, and etc.

General Volunteer

Do you have no idea how you want to help, but would still like to help Red Sea Project and make a difference in your community? Become a general volunteer and help Red Sea Project with any immediate needs it make have when you sign up for the day!

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