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About Us 

Red Sea Project (RSP) was founded in 2012. It originated as a faith-based community organization focused on youth mentoring. However, it has since expanded to provide education and training in the areas of domestic violence, suicide education, awareness and prevention  In 2020 due to COVID-19 Red Sea Project turned to providing it's programing virtually. Rea Sea Project has impacted over 1,200 individuals providing education and training in the area of domestic violence and suicide education, awareness and prevention with a staff of 5-10 employees and volunteers. Red Sea Project has became a forerunner in the community by hosting a virtual safe space for women of color to discuss effective ways to break the color lines in the community and workplace in the wake of George Floyd's death and the uprising of justice heard across America and beyond. In addition, Red Sea Project not only encourages women of color, but all women, children, and families of all backgrounds to learn, grow, and build community among each other.

All Hands In

Our Mission

 Red Sea Project mentors youth, empowers women and unifies families through education and training.

Our Vision

Red Sea Project forms collaborative community partnerships  to decrease barriers underserved populations encounter when obtaining and maintaining resources essential to the communities they live and serve in.

Our Mission

Our Strategy

Red Sea Project's orginizational strategy relies on Four Strategic and Enabling Pillars

Consumer Operations

Program Development and Capacity Expansion


Formation, Development, and Preservation of Partnerships


Local and Public Support and Funding


Community Engagement 

We believe that through education and training we can empower and unify women, children, and families in our community.

We Need Your Support Today!

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