Who is Red Sea Project?

Behind the Scenes

Founded in 2012, Red Sea Project (RSP) originated as an community organization focused on youth mentoring  and evolved into a comprehensive Nonprofit. Red Sea Project's name originates from the Biblical account, where the prophet Moses led the children of Israel to the Promised Land by way of the Red Sea.


God used Moses to part the Red Sea through His power, thus creating a path of safe travel . As the Red Sea parted it swallowed Pharaoh and his army and opened up a new life and opportunities for the Israelites.  Just as Moses helped the children of Israel reach their promised land, Red Sea Project is assigned to do the same. 

We believe every one battles a pharaoh in their life and everyone is assigned a God given purpose and most need someone to help them get there. Red Sea Project provides education and training to youth, women and families with purpose being the foundation. We help those we serve  address individual /collective barriers and form and execute goals . Our programs are designed to mentor, in-power and unify. In summary, it is our job to lead those we serve to  acknowledge and release the thing(s) that oppress them (Pharaoh)  and embrace their promised land (purpose).

We are in the business of #Reaching and #Teaching!